Dental anxiety is perfectly normal, and it is understandable if you are afraid of root canal therapy. However, root canal therapy has so many benefits that it is worth getting past the initial fear. 


At Thousand Oaks Dental, we get it – the idea of a root canal may not be your favorite dental procedure, but we are here to tell you that it is one of the most beneficial procedures we offer. Today, we will debunk the myths surrounding root canals and explain why they are essential for maintaining good oral health.


To begin with, let’s discuss the most significant benefit of getting a root canal: it can save a natural tooth! If you have an infected or decayed tooth, the only alternatives are extraction or filling the tooth, which is inferior in the long run. 


Root canal therapy saves your tooth by removing the infected pulp, cleaning the root canal, and reinforcing the tooth with a crown. This preserves your natural teeth and keeps you from more expensive and lengthy procedures like dental implants.


Secondly, root canal therapy is an excellent solution for reducing dental pain. The infection or inflammation of the pulp in the tooth can lead to severe pain, and we design our root canal therapy to eliminate pain and discomfort. 


We can administer anesthesia before the procedure when you come into our office. This means you will not feel any pain during the root canal and will only experience mild soreness afterward.

Another significant benefit of root canal therapy is that it helps to improve your oral and overall health. Delaying or avoiding root canal therapy can lead to many oral health problems, including tooth loss, gum disease, and even jawbone damage. 


Getting a root canal eliminates the possibility of further complications, making it easier for you to maintain your oral health. It even helps to prevent bacteria from spreading to other areas of your body, which could lead to more severe infections or illness.


Finally, root canal therapy is a long-lasting solution. A root canal typically can last over ten years, which is a fantastic long-term solution. With proper oral hygiene, the treated tooth can last a lifetime. Moreover, root canal treatment provides a permanent solution to the discomfort and pain caused by an infected tooth.


What Is the Process?

We can provide root canal therapy in one visit, and you can be on your way to dental health with a fully restored tooth in no time. First, Dr. Thompson and her team will consult with you to determine if root canal therapy or another of our dental services is right for you. 


If root canal therapy is the best treatment for your needs, we’ll start by administering anesthesia to maximize your comfort during the procedures. Then, using specialized dental instruments, we’ll drill a tiny hole in the tooth to reach the tooth’s interior. Through this access point, we’ll remove the infected tooth pulp. We’ll clean and disinfect the interior root canal and fill the remaining space with a specialized dental resin called gutta-percha. 


You’ll feel no pain during the procedure, and thanks to the root canal therapy, you’ll feel no pain in the treated tooth ever again. It is normal to experience swelling and discomfort after the procedure, but we’ll provide helpful instructions so you can ensure a speedy recovery. 


During your recovery period, eat soft foods (and nothing too hot!), and plan on taking it easy for a day or two. Try not to bite down on anything using the treated tooth, and let us know if you experience any excessive pain, swelling, or bleeding. 


Root Canal Therapy

At Thousand Oaks Dental, we understand that dental anxiety is perfectly normal. However, we assure you that the benefits of root canal therapy far outweigh the initial fear or discomfort you may encounter. Root canal treatment is an excellent opportunity to save a natural tooth, decrease dental pain, improve oral and overall health, and provide a long-term solution to dental problems. 


If you need root canal therapy or any of our restorative dentistry solutions in San Antonio, Texas, please don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule a consultation with Dr. Precious Thompson and her team. We are here to help you achieve optimal oral health!