Sedation Dentistry San Antonio

Sedation Dentistry with Nitrous Oxide

Do you get anxious when you visit the dentist? You are not alone. Many people suffer from dental anxiety, making it stressful to receive the dental care they need for a beautiful smile and optimal oral health. At Thousand Oaks Dental, we understand that visiting the dentist can be stressful for some of our patients. We offer a relaxed, caring environment with many comfort amenities to make our patients feel at home. We also offer sedation dentistry in San Antonio with nitrous oxide for our patients that need a little extra help relaxing during their dental treatments.

Your smile is more than just part of your appearance. It is a vital aspect of your overall health. If you have dental anxiety, you may avoid dental care that you need to maintain your smile and health. Sedation dentistry gives you options to make the experience less stressful. When you visit our office for dental treatments, Dr. Thompson will take the time to explain what to expect during your visit and go over the sedation and anesthesia options available, including nitrous oxide.

Why is Nitrous Oxide the Right Choice?

Nitrous oxide, also referred to as “laughing gas”, has been safely used for decades to calm patients receiving dental care. It is a preferred method of sedation because the patient remains awake and aware during the treatment, just in a relaxed frame of mind. The gas is administered through a breathing mask placed over the nose. Most people feel euphoric while under the influence of nitrous oxide, enabling them to relax while we perform their dental care. One of the benefits of nitrous oxide is that it quickly leaves the system once your treatment is over. A few breaths of fresh air and the effects are gone, leaving you clear-headed and able to drive home after your treatment.

Dental anxiety should not interfere with you receiving the dental care you need to maintain your smile and health. Contact us today to learn more about our sedation dentistry options in San Antonio and to schedule your next appointment.