Say goodbye to numbing injections and sharp tools like scalpels with laser dentistry in Thousand Oaks, Texas. Thousand Oaks Dental now offers laser dentistry for several familiar producers, such as gum and cavity treatment.  

Laser Dentistry Thousand Oaks Dental dentist in San Antoni Texas Dr. Thomson

What is Laser Dentistry? 

Laser treatments were introduced into dental practice in 1989 and have gained more and more popularity since then. Laser dentistry allows for a more comfortable procedure without numbing medication and scalpels used in traditional surgery. The laser emits a light that vaporizes hard and soft tissues in the mouth. The light is exact and typically more accurate than conventional surgery.  

What Conditions can Laser Dentistry Treat? 

There are several conditions that we can treat. As mentioned above, we can work on hard and soft tissue, meaning it can work on your gums and teeth. We commonly use laser dentistry to treat tooth decay, gum disease, and hypersensitivity. We can also use it to whiten teeth. 

Laser Dentistry Procedures

For hard-tissue procedures, those done to the tooth itself, we can treat dental decay, detect dental decay, and treat tooth sensitivity. For soft tissue procedures, those done on gum tissue, laser dentistry can reduce gum tissue and remove tissue folds. 

Treating Dental Decay with a Laser 

Patients who have had dental decay in the past know that the traditional treatment uses a drill to remove the decay and then replace it. With laser dentistry, there is no need for drills or numbing medication. Dr. Thompson at Thousand Oak Dental will use the laser to remove the dental decay by vaporizing it to treat dental decay. The procedure does not require numbing medication. Then, she will fill the cavity with a dental filling made of composite resin, a tooth-colored filling. This is a comfortable and quick procedure that will reduce the risk of dental decay spreading to your other teeth and gums. 

Reduce Tooth Sensitivity with a Laser 

It can also reduce tooth sensitivity, also called hypersensitivity. When patients have tooth sensitivity to hot and cold, tiny tubules often travel from the outside of the tooth to the inner part of the tooth. In the middle of the tooth are the nerves and blood vessels that keep the tooth alive. Patients feel sensitivity with this condition because the hot or cold liquid travels through the tiny tubules and irritates the nerves inside the tooth. This is uncomfortable. It increases the risk of a tooth or systemic infection. If bacteria travels through the tubule, it can infect the tooth and potentially your entire body by entering the bloodstream. Dr. Thompson can seal the tubules with the laser. This is a quick procedure that can prevent discomfort and potential infection.

Gum Treatment 

If you have a ‘gummy smile’ or you feel that your teeth appear small, we may be able to help. Dr. Thompson can use laser dentistry to vaporize unwanted gum tissue to enhance your appearance. This procedure can also produce crown lengthening. 

Teeth Whitening 

If you want a dramatic whitening procedure in one visit, laser dentistry can help. Your dentist will place a prescription whitening solution on your teeth in this whitening procedure. Then, they will speed up the whitening process by adding a layer over your teeth. The laser is highly accurate and will whiten your teeth in multiple shades.
This is a great way to enhance the appearance and health of your teeth. There are numerous procedures Dr. Thompson can perform with laser dentistry to schedule an appointment, call our office.