San Antonio TX Oral Cancer ScreeningsOver 45,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer each year, and only 57% of those newly diagnosed will be living in 5 years. There’s an easy test that can and should be utilized when you visit your dentist to discover oral cancer as early as possible.

Oral Cancer is also known as mouth cancer. It may arise as a primary lesion originating in any of the tissues in the mouth. There are several types of oral cancers, but 90% begin in the tissues that line the mouth and lips. Most commonly, oral cancers involve the tongue. It can also occur on the floor of the mouth, inside layer of the cheek, gums, lips or palate (roof of the mouth).

A screening for oral cancer is an examination performed by a medical professional to look for signs of cancer or precancerous conditions in your mouth. Early detection of oral cancer is the goal, because there is a greater chance for a cure when detected early.

At Thousand Oaks Dental, Dr. Thompson offers an oral cancer screening at your initial visit and at every cleaning appointment that you have. She uses a VELscope, an FDA approved oral cancer detector to identify oral mucosal abnormalities prior to it being detectable with the naked eye. Dr. Thompson performs this procedure in 2 to 3 minutes during your appointment.

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