Treatment for Gum Disease San Antonio
Gum disease is very common, especially in adults over thirty. It is estimated that about half of all American adults over thirty have some level of gum disease, with a larger percentage as they get older. Gum disease is more than just an oral condition – it can affect your overall health without periodontal care. At Thousand Oaks Dental, we offer effective treatments for gum disease to protect your smile and your health.

Symptoms and Causes of Gum Disease

Gum disease is a serious bacterial infection of the gums. It starts with bacteria growing around the teeth, creating plaque. If not completely removed, plaque creates tartar, the hard substance that can only be removed with specialized dental tools. This accumulation of tartar and bacteria can result in gum disease, an infection of the gums that can lead to bone and tooth loss. These bacteria can enter the blood stream through the gums and have been linked to stroke, pregnancy issues, cardiovascular problems and type 2 diabetes.

Most people first notice a slight bleeding of the gum when they brush or floss as an early symptom of gum disease. The gums can also become tender, making it painful to eat certain crunchy foods. This early stage is referred to as gingivitis, which can be easily treated. If allowed to progress, the gums begin to recede from the teeth, beginning to deterioration of the gum tissue and making it more difficult to keep bacteria at bay.

At Thousand Oaks Dental, we can help treat gum disease using the latest methods and technology. Deep cleanings, special medications and other treatments can stop the infection and help the gums heal. The earlier the disease is caught and treated, the less likely it is that you will have any health effects from your gum disease.

The first step is scheduling a checkup and cleaning to gauge the health of your gums. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.