MTM® Clear Aligner San Antonio
Are you looking for a discrete, quick way to straighten or adjust your smile? MTM® Clear Aligner may be the right option for you. No metal braces, just clear, plastic aligners that can reposition your teeth into place for a straight, beautiful smile in as little as three to nine months. Now you can get the smile you want, starting with a visit to Thousand Oaks Dental for orthodontic treatment.

We are proud to offer this orthodontic treatment option for our patients. We understand that metal braces can be embarrassing, uncomfortable and costly. With MTM® Clear Aligner orthodontics, clear BPA-free plastic aligners gently move your teeth into alignment. These trays are customized to fit over your teeth, with each new set getting you closer to your straight smile. Every 4-6 weeks you will get a new removable aligner that discretely adjusts your smile. You can remove the aligners to eat the foods you enjoy and to perform your oral hygiene. It is a comfortable, simple way to get the smile you deserve.

Are You a Good Fit for MTM® Clear Aligner?

Many common orthodontic conditions can be altered using the MTM® Clear Aligner products. Gaps, tipped, crowded or misaligned teeth can be straightened using these almost invisible aligners. MTM® Clear Aligners particularly address issues with the anterior or front teeth to give you a straight, stunning smile. However, not all orthodontic issues can be resolved using this product; Dr. Thompson can examine your teeth and help determine whether these aligners will help you get the results you desire.

Why choose MTM® Clear Aligner? This is a great choice for those who have minor orthodontic issues that affect the look of their smile or for those who had braces in the past but need readjustment. This product is also much more affordable than traditional braces and some of the other clear aligner products available. To learn more, contact Thousand Oaks Dental today to schedule a consultation.