Cracked Tooth Repair in San Antonio
Your teeth are incredibly strong and durable; the enamel that protects your teeth is the most durable substance in your body. Hundreds of pounds of pressure are put on your teeth when you chew, attesting to their strength. However, even with this natural durability, teeth can be cracked and damaged, putting your oral health and beautiful smile at risk without general dental care. When you need a cracked tooth repair, Thousand Oaks Dental is here to restore your oral health.

Cracked teeth can happen due to trauma, weakened structure from fillings or other dental health issues. Once the enamel is cracked, bacteria can find their way into the interior of the tooth, causing decay and infection. In many cases a cracked tooth will be apparent – pain, sensitivity to temperature or throbbing may occur. Other times a small crack can form without any symptoms, yet still put your oral health at risk for further problems. This is another reason regular exams are crucial. We can identify small cracks and repair them before the tooth is put in jeopardy.

Repairs to Damaged Teeth

The method used to repair a cracked tooth will depend on the type of tooth, the extent of the crack and other factors. Some small cracks may be fixed with a filling or bonding. More severe cracks may require a crown or dental onlays to protect the tooth from further damage. Dr. Thompson will carefully evaluate your cracked tooth and determine the best repair options to restore your tooth. It is always her top priority to save your natural teeth whenever possible.

If you believe you have a cracked tooth, contact us immediately at Thousand Oaks Dental. We will get you into our office for an exam as soon as possible. A cracked tooth can lead to serious oral health issues, including abscessed or infected teeth that can require a root canal or even extraction. Let us repair that cracked tooth quickly and effectively to protect your health and beautiful smile.