Thousand Oaks Dental near Universal City, Texas, is a dental clinic with a difference. Its mission is not only to provide patients with a high level of care but also to help them feel more at home. The practice offers an entirely different approach from most, providing patients with comfortable waiting areas and soothing decor to help them relax. It feels more like a home away from home than a traditional clinical dental practice.


On top of that, the team which provides patient care is dedicated to creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Everyone from the reception staff to the dental practitioners offers a unified quality of service. They treat each patient as an individual and are sensitive to their concerns. Their goal is to ensure that every patient can ultimately get the care that they need, even if they feel anxious sitting in the dental chair. 


Thousand Oaks Dental near Universal City, Texas, therefore, is not the same as the average dental practice in the area. The focus on patient care and personalized services make it a breath of fresh air. And the clinic also offers flexible appointments, allowing patients to book treatment both before and after work, as well at other convenient times of the week. 


About Universal City, Texas


Universal City, Texas, is a city in Bexar County, close to the northeast boundary of San Antonio. It is most famous for being close to the nationally-acclaimed Randolph Air Force base.


Universal City is a relatively new place, having been established in 1960, following the growth of trade and commerce along the Pat Brooker Road out of San Antonio. Over the years, its population has grown and now stands at more than 18,530. 


The area occupied by the city is relatively small, encompassing around 5.7 square miles. It is more than 15 miles from the center of San Antonio and is a popular place for people who commute to the downtown area. 


The racial makeup of the region is diverse. The latest Census estimates suggest that around 75.4 percent of people are white and approximately 10 percent African American. The rest of the population comprises Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, and Asians. 


The city is a relatively wealthy place with median incomes of more than $51,900 per working person. Households are even better off, with the average family living in a self-contained unit bringing in around $61,000 per year. Only about 13.7 percent of families were below the poverty line – lower than the national figures. 


Universal City, Texas, has an excellent school system and is served by two school districts: the Schertz-Cibolo and Judson independent school districts. It is also home to the Northeast Lakeview Community College, which is part of the Alamo Colleges Campus. 


Because of its location somewhat outside of the main city of San Antonio, Universal City is also a place people like to go for leisure. The city’s 18-hole championship venue golf course is one of the most popular of the city’s attractions.