About Thousand Oaks Dental

Finding a skilled and experienced dentist that is also close to your home can feel like a big challenge, nowadays. Here at Thousand Oaks Dental, we serve patients across Texas, with Spring Branch being one of our key service areas, and we’re always happy to offer support and advice to those on their first visit.

Thousand Oaks Dental was founded more than a decade ago by Dr. Precious Thompson. Since we first started serving residents in Spring Branch, our team has grown to include three skilled dental experts and a wide range of other professionals. This enables us to provide a wide range of services, always offering the very best aftercare and support to our patients, while also working hard to give all of our visitors the perfect experience.

Our main service areas include general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and a range of other services that cover just about any oral issue our patients bring to us. We are especially proud of our ability to offer emergency dentistry for those issues that just can’t wait, but we always work to provide the very best service no matter the treatment you’ve come for.

About Spring Branch, Texas

Spring Branch is a small and friendly community located just north of San Antonio. With a population of around 250 people, areas like this are often neglected by dental and health services, but Thousand Oaks Dental is always here to provide for residents in this part of Texas. You can get to our main practice from Spring Branch in less than 30 minutes by car.

This small city was only incorporated in 2015 but has been a notable area since it was first settled in the 1850s. The city is named after the river that passes through, with the Spring Branch flowing into the Guadalupe River and giving the surrounding area the resources it needs to be green and lush.

Thanks to its proximity to many of San Antonio’s best schools, Spring Branch is a popular location for new families that want to get out of the hustle-bustle of the main city. This makes it the perfect location for our family dentistry services, with significant savings available to those who visit as a family.

Much like many of the small cities and towns you find in Texas, Spring Branch has a welcoming and friendly feel that we like to embrace in our dentistry. Using our fellow locals as a guide, we have cultivated a team and mentality that leaves all of our patients with a smile on their faces, and we are always looking for new ways to improve our work.

Thousand Oaks Dental has always worked with the community of San Antonio at its heart. Those from Spring Branch will be happy to know that we can offer our services, but you don’t have to be from this city to pay a visit. If you’d like to book an appointment or learn more about our services, feel free to get in contact using the information available on our website.